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    • The XHDATA D-808 and longwave: how to build an effective antenna February 22, 2018
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mad Radio DXer, who writes: I said I would share my results for attempting to receive LW signals on the XHDATA D-808, & if I can use a longwire to improve reception on this radio. This was after posting videos when I used around 50 metres of longwire connected […]
    • Seyfi is seeking Harris RF 505A documentation February 22, 2018
      Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Seyfi Genç, who writes: I’m a strict follower of your blog and of course a SW listener and HAM (TA2MOK) from Istanbul Turkey. I bought a Harris RF 505A last week for just $30 US! I need to datasheet to repair it.  I didn’t find it on internet. Thank you. […]
    • External Ferrite Antenna by playloudfm February 21, 2018
      Posted by SWLing Post contributor Troy Riedel: I just noticed something on eBay.  Seller “playloudfm” based in Greece (100% feedback rating), the first to offer the high gain external ferrite antenna for the Tecsun PL-360/PL-365/County Comm GP5, has a new offering: From the seller’s listing: – Frequency: 530Khz – 1710Khz – Tunable – Passive, No […]
    • From the Isle of Music & Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, Feb 25-Mar 3 February 21, 2018
      From the Isle of Music, February 25-March 3, 2018 Part 1 of 2 parts This week and next, our special guest is saxophonist/composer/bandleader Alexey León, 1st Place winner in the Interpretation category at JoJazz 2017. He already has a very impressive musical resume, and in one of our rare interviews in English, we’ll talk about […]
    • Kamchatka broadcasting on shortwave February 20, 2018
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralf Bender, who writes: Here a link to a German radio station website, which yesterday released that a Russian broadcaster is back on air. In times when many broadcasters/stations are closed [this is] good news. Here there original German website: https://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/medienmagazin/radio_news/beitraege/2018/kamtschatka.html And here with automatic Google translation: Kamchatka on shortwave […]
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    • Greenhouse Control and Monitoring Systems January 29, 2018
      A greenhouse is an enclosed structure inside which plants are grown in a controlled environment. But plants naturally want to be outside, and that is where they do best. So a good greenhouse creates the best outside environment for plants, inside. This means it is necessary to understand plant needs and mimicking these conditions in […]
    • Yam Propagation, Monitoring And Visualizing January 4, 2018
      Yam yields have decreased as a result of disease and bad seed. We designed and prototyped this for rural farmers in Nigeria. The objective of this project is to address some of those issues by using hydroponics for propagation of seedlings by tissue culture clones and plant cuttings. A further objective is to use as […]
    • Kijani Grows – JellyFish – Quick Start Guide January 3, 2018
      Jellyfish STEAM Kit – Quick Start Guide
    • Adding Humidity Sensors December 8, 2017
      Adding humidity sensors is very easy. And the process is similar with Dallas Temperature Sensor setup. What you need: Powered V2 Smart Controller DHT11 Humidity Sensor (DHT11 Sensor is set for Default, if you have DHT22 (AM2302) or DHT21 (AM2301), navigate to the end of the page, to find out how to change your controller […]
    • How to add Location to Kijani Grows Map December 8, 2017
      There is a map of V2 Smart Controllers currently running around the world, http://api.kijanigrows.com/v2/maps/list You may navigate through the other projects implemented based on V2 Smart Controller just pressing KijaniGrows Logo, and find many useful information there. To add your own location and information to the Kijani Grows Map you need to access your profile […]
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    • Strange vocal interactions with ‘you, me and all these machines’ February 22, 2018
      Moscow-based artist ::vtol:: is back again with an interesting interactive exhibit entitled “you, me and all these machines.” His latest work, a collaboration with Lovozero, allows two participants to produce otherworldly vocals together. One participant wears the device, which points a directional microphone under the control of the other participant at her mouth using a servo […]
    • Designing an Arduino-powered split-flap display February 22, 2018
      If you’d like a split-flap display with numbers and letters, options tend to be quite expensive. This though was no problem for hacker “scottbez1” who reports that after “only” two-plus years of work, he has produced a split-flap assembly that plugs into an Arduino Uno as a sort of external shield. The device employs inexpensive stepper […]
    • Lunar landing conspiracy put to rest(?) with LIDAR February 20, 2018
      On July 20th, 1969 man first set foot on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, or so they say. If it was faked, or so the theory goes, one would think that there were a few details that don’t quite add up. One such theory is that the hatch on the lunar module isn’t […]
    • Levitate water drops with RGB LEDs and Arduino February 19, 2018
      Water normally falls from the sky to the ground, the time fountain from hacker isaac879 appears to work much differently. As shown in the video below, water droplets somehow levitate from a circular orange apparatus to a blue one on top. The trick here is that the water isn’t actually falling up, but appears that way […]
    • Play Striker Air Hockey on a capacitive touch surface February 19, 2018
      After discovering capacitive touch interactions with a Makey Makey device and an Arduino Leonardo, Jason Eldred realized it could also be used to control the Unity game engine. After a night of hacking, he had a basic interface that could change the scale of a virtual circle. From there, he teamed up with Alex L. […]