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    • Special two hour DRM broadcast today at 12:00 UTC April 18, 2018
      According to the DRM Consortium, there will be a special two hour DRM broadcast today (April 18) starting at 12:00 UTC: Special DRM transmission tomorrow 18th April from Spaceline during DRM GA at 1200-1400UTC on 11600kHz. From Kostinbrod, Bulgaria with antenna directed at 260 degrees. The content will be from Mighty KBC. Note that this […]
    • RootIO and a new community radio initiative in Uganda April 18, 2018
      (Source: Global Voices via Mike Hansgen) How RootIO Broadcasts Radio in Uganda Using a Bucket The open-source toolkit allows users to broadcast using just a smartphone and a transmitter Radio is still and continues to be a powerful medium across most of the African continent. Not only is radio used to share community information but […]
    • FTIOM & UBMP, April 22-28 April 18, 2018
      From the Isle of Music, April 22-28: Our celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month continues with special guest Michel Herrera, an important young saxophonist/composer/bandleader/producer, who will converse with us about his newest recording and the newest generation of Jazz musicians in Cuba. We will also listen to some of his excellent music. Four opportunities to listen […]
    • A taste of Gary DeBock’s Cook Islands (Aitutaki) Ultralight DXpedition April 17, 2018
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gary DeBock, who shares the following notes from his Cook Islands Ultralight DXpedition: Cook Islands (Aitutaki) Ultralight DXpedition from April 8-13 A gorgeous environment, with thrilling long range DX! Ruth and I took this trip as the 38th anniversary of out first meeting at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong […]
    • Listen to an upcoming ARISS contact with your scanner or HT April 16, 2018
      On April 18, consider setting your scanner or handheld VHF radio to 145.80 MHz around 15:57 UTC; you may be able to hear the downlink from the International Space Station. The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact will be between between NA1SS (on the ISS) and KD2IFR at a school in Central Islip, NY. […]
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    • Greenhouse Control and Monitoring Systems January 29, 2018
      A greenhouse is an enclosed structure inside which plants are grown in a controlled environment. But plants naturally want to be outside, and that is where they do best. So a good greenhouse creates the best outside environment for plants, inside. This means it is necessary to understand plant needs and mimicking these conditions in […]
    • Yam Propagation, Monitoring And Visualizing January 4, 2018
      Yam yields have decreased as a result of disease and bad seed. We designed and prototyped this for rural farmers in Nigeria. The objective of this project is to address some of those issues by using hydroponics for propagation of seedlings by tissue culture clones and plant cuttings. A further objective is to use as […]
    • Kijani Grows – JellyFish – Quick Start Guide January 3, 2018
      Jellyfish STEAM Kit – Quick Start Guide
    • Adding Humidity Sensors December 8, 2017
      Adding humidity sensors is very easy. And the process is similar with Dallas Temperature Sensor setup. What you need: Powered V2 Smart Controller DHT11 Humidity Sensor (DHT11 Sensor is set for Default, if you have DHT22 (AM2302) or DHT21 (AM2301), navigate to the end of the page, to find out how to change your controller […]
    • How to add Location to Kijani Grows Map December 8, 2017
      There is a map of V2 Smart Controllers currently running around the world, http://api.kijanigrows.com/v2/maps/list You may navigate through the other projects implemented based on V2 Smart Controller just pressing KijaniGrows Logo, and find many useful information there. To add your own location and information to the Kijani Grows Map you need to access your profile […]
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    • PID temperature control with Arduino April 16, 2018
      If you want to keep something at a certain temperature, say a block of aluminum, you’ll need a thermocouple and some sort of heating element. While you could turn a heater on and off abruptly in a sequence appropriately known as “bang-bang,” a more refined method can be used called PID, or proportional-integral-derivative control. This […]
    • Thursday Night Live(cast) with your host David Cuartielles April 16, 2018
      Why livecasting from Arduino Education About a month ago we started livecasting from Arduino’s YouTube channel. This is something I had been willing to do for quite some time, but I never figured out the way to make room in my agenda to fit the planning required to make it happen. Technology has changed a […]
    • MP3 player “reads” CDs like a vintage Victrola April 10, 2018
      Digital music—which gives us access to a virtually unlimited amount of media at our fingertips—is an amazing innovation. On the other hand, if you get nostalgic for something a bit more tangible, this “Victrola for the 21st century” may just fill that gap. The device, by maker “castvee8,” plays digital music with the help of an […]
    • A 3D-printed personal weather station April 9, 2018
      If you need to know the forecast, generally you can look outside, listen to a weather report, or take advantage of the wide range of online services available. For something local to your dwelling place, however, this 3D-printed weather measurement device gives a great way to see what’s going on. The system features a 3D-printed […]
    • Give new life to an old electron microscope with Arduino April 9, 2018
      As seen here, although you might consider your oscilloscope and other test equipment to be pretty neat, you most likely don’t have anything nearly as cool as the scanning electron microscope that was dragged out of a shed at Benjamin Blundell’s local hackerspace. The small detail is that it doesn’t currently work. They’ve been able […]