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    • Listening to Oumuamua via the Green Bank Telescope December 13, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ferruccio Manfieri, who writes: I bother you to mention this uncommon radio listening project i’ve just found via The Guardian: Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals from ‘Oumuamua, an object from another solar system Astronomers are to use one of the world’s largest telescopes to […]
    • Radio Mi Amigo QSL Card with special stamp December 13, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Lennart Weirell, who writes: Hi Thomas, I have received a QSL-card from Radio Mi Amigo with a special individual stamp. Radio Mi Amigo announced this in the Newsletter in December: “Unique Radio Mi Amigo stamps: We are proud to announce our own official Radio Mi Amigo stamps. They are […]
    • From the Isle of Music & Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, Dec 17-23 December 13, 2017
      From the Isle of Music, December 17-23: This week, our special guest is Cuban rock artist and producer David Blanco. We will listen to tracks from some of his albums plus an epic 18 minute jam from Anima Mundi, this year’s Cubadisco winner in Rock. Four opportunities to listen on shortwave: 1. For Eastern Europe […]
    • C. Crane’s latest deal: Free Shipping on the CC Pocket Radio December 12, 2017
      Though not a shortwave radio (the SWLing Post loves ALL radios!), C. Crane’s latest special involves free Priority Mail shipping to U.S. customers for their CC Pocket Radio.  Just use the Promo Code: CCPKTSHIP.  This special ends at midnight PST on 17 December.  The CC Pocket Radio comes standard with the CC Buds earphones – […]
    • Cyclones fail to stop Yolgnu Radio December 12, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Phil Brennan, who writes: I spotted this article in the Australian edition of the Guardian about a local community radio network for Yolgnu people here in the NT: ‘We’re not going anywhere’: how cyclones failed to batter Yolgnu Radio In 2015, when two cyclones battered the northern coast of […]
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    • Adding Humidity Sensors December 8, 2017
      Adding humidity sensors is very easy. And the process is similar with Dallas Temperature Sensor setup. What you need: Powered V2 Smart Controller DHT11 Humidity Sensor (DHT11 Sensor is set for Default, if you have DHT22 (AM2302) or DHT21 (AM2301), navigate to the end of the page, to find out how to change your controller […]
    • How to add Location to Kijani Grows Map December 8, 2017
      There is a map of V2 Smart Controllers currently running around the world, http://api.kijanigrows.com/v2/maps/list You may navigate through the other projects implemented based on V2 Smart Controller just pressing KijaniGrows Logo, and find many useful information there. To add your own location and information to the Kijani Grows Map you need to access your profile […]
    • Connecting one-wire Temperature Sensor (example) December 8, 2017
      This is my setup process experience, being unexperienced user on Windows platform, below I will explain the steps I took, to help other users, to have some Things needed: Your computer, based on Linux or Windows (I was using Windows in this case) DS18B20 Sensor The very first thing to start with is to connect […]
    • Big Mama December 1, 2017
      Mama used to say  ‘pahali utupwa si pahali uangukwa’, which translates to ‘where it is thrown is not where it falls’. She used it to remind us that whereas we can initiate actions we can’t control reactions. We started by wanting to building an aquaculture based farm around a five thousand gallon fish tank Then […]
    • how rainfall affects our aquaponics orp November 27, 2017
      ndovu, pH is low Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a perso https://t.co/q1c63Pw4Vs — kijanigrows_tst (@kijanigrows_tst) November 26, 2017 just like a v2 controller … you really don’t have to follow the advice … it maybe a good idea to check though when […]
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    • This DIY machine mixes your favorite three-ingredient cocktail December 12, 2017
      Do you and your friends have a favorite cocktail? If so—and if it has three ingredients—then this Arduino-based cocktail machine from YouTuber “GreatScott!” may be worth checking out. The device is capable of mixing three liquids, which in GreatScott’s case consist of vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice (also known as a Sea Breeze), in a […]
    • Create a beat by nodding your head December 11, 2017
      If you are really enjoying a song, you may start to bob your head to the tunes, but what if you could instead create actual music with this subtle movement? That’s exactly what Andrew Lee’s “Nod Bang” system accomplishes. An accelerometer mounted to a pair of headphones senses nods in order to dictate the beat, […]
    • Santa’s Shop is an animated storytelling installation December 7, 2017
      Santa’s Shop is an amazing Christmas display consisting of trains, animated figurines, a rotating tree, and several other interesting holiday-themed gadgets. The decoration features hundreds of 3D-printed parts and many handmade characters, controlled by 46 servos and a total of 12 Arduino boards. Bringing the installation to life was no small task, requiring over 2,000 hours […]
    • The Imperializer makes quick work of metric conversions December 6, 2017
      When you work in a machine shop, you often need to convert numbers from metric to imperial. As long as you have to do this on a regular basis, why not make a tool to do so easily? Instead of pulling out a phone or taping a calculator to their CNC machinery, NYC CNC came […]
    • Build your own antenna rotator/satellite tracking device December 5, 2017
      After finding that purchasing a tracking device for his satellite dish would be quite expensive, YouTuber “Tysonpower” decided to simply build one himself. What he came up is an assembly made with 3D-printed parts and extruded aluminum that uses a pair of NEMA23 stepper motors for movement. While it doesn’t quite work with the dish […]