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    • Today: National Radio Day August 20, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Ally, who notes that today is National Radio Day: (Source: National Radio Day) About National Radio Day is a time to honor one of the most longstanding electronic media and its role in our everyday lives. Radio delivers information, news, entertainment and company to millions of Americans every […]
    • Solar Eclipse 2017: In the path of totality August 20, 2017
      Tomorrow, we will be experiencing a total solar eclipse here in the mountains of western North Carolina. Instead of enjoying the eclipse at home, I will be volunteering as a docent at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute in Rosman, North Carolina. Post readers might recall PARI as it was the location of our 2015 PARI […]
    • The Voyager twins: weak signals and discovery from the depths of space August 20, 2017
      Yesterday, while listening to the BBC World Service, I heard this fascinating documentary focusing on the Voyager I and II spacecraft. It absolutely blows my mind that both of these spacecraft have been operating for 40 years and continue to send signals back to Earth. Talk about weak signal DX! Note that you will have […]
    • Trans World Radio’s “message of hope to the people of North Korea” August 20, 2017
      (Source: News & Observer) CARY–Even as tensions increase between North Korea and the United States (and between North Korea and the rest of the world), the Cary-based group Trans World Radio is broadcasting daily messages of hope to the people there. TWR president and chief executive officer Lauren Libby says the group started increasing its […]
    • Video: Rampisham Towers Demolition August 20, 2017
      (Source: YouTube via Wooferton UK Youtube channel & Mike Barraclough) Click here to view on YouTube.
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    • 1982 April 9, 2017
      Uchi Mata is considered the “Throw of Kings” and made my good friend Chuma Soita invincible in competitive judo. Chuma broke his neck executing this technique in a tournament and became paralyzed immediately. I still remember trying to comfort him when he asked me ‘Am I going to die’ and the feeling of despair, hopelessness […]
    • Jellyfish STEAM Kit QSQ [quick start guide] March 28, 2017
      A quick draft to help assembly …enjoy!      
    • Setting up Time Lapse Photography on a V2 Controller March 17, 2017
      This post will try and cover what is required to setup a time lapse system on a Kijanigrows V2 Control board using a webcam, and an SD card. Let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions about the process. I am very new to coding in Linux and most of […]
    • not too long ago … March 6, 2017
    • jellyfish smart kits – a very quick start guide February 11, 2017
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    • The GuitarBot will strum you a song August 17, 2017
      While many Makers have musical skill, others attempt to compensate for their lack of it by producing automatic instruments that play themselves. One such attempt started in 2015 as a collaborative project between three University of Delaware professors as part of an initiative known as “Artgineering.” This was meant to “create a public spectacle… to demonstrate […]
    • Levitate liquids and other tiny objects with this DIY device August 17, 2017
      If you’ve ever wished you could levitate tiny drops of liquid, small solids, or insects in mid-air, new research has you covered. That’s because Asier Marzo, Adrian Barnes, and Bruce W. Drinkwater have developed a 3D-printed, Arduino Nano-controlled acoustic levitator. Their device uses two arrays of 36 sonic transducers in a concave pattern, which face each other in […]
    • Maker creates his own coilgun using an Arduino Nano August 15, 2017
      If you suppose that electromagnetically-propelled projectiles are strictly the purview of well-funded government research labs, think again! Using two sets of coils wrapped around custom 3D-printed base structures and an Arduino Nano for control, YouTuber “Gyro” created his own coilgun capable of propelling steel fast enough to dent a piece of wood. When fired, a photodiode at […]
    • Physically mix digital colors with Colorwise August 14, 2017
      As seen here, mixing colors in real life is simple enough to understand, if difficult to perfect. With red, green and blue, any color in the rainbow can be produced, and the same can be done virtually using these digital RGB components. To help make color theory easier to grasp, Justin Daneman and Tore Knudsen developed a tangible interface […]
    • An Arduino-powered backlit Clemson Tiger Paw August 11, 2017
      Most people support their school or favorite sports team by buying a shirt or tuning into games. Jacob Thompson, however, took things one step further and created his own Arduino-powered, backlit Clemson Tiger Paw. Thompson’s “WallPaw,” as he calls it, uses an Arduino Uno to receive signals from an infrared remote and to pick up […]