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    • Mark Your Calendars: Global HF Pirate Weekend, November 3-5, 2017 October 17, 2017
      (Source: Andrew Yoder) Next Global HF Weekend: November 3-5, 2017 It’s still a couple weeks away, so be sure to mark the next Global HF Pirate Weekend on your calendar. The idea behind the Global HF Weekends are to promote friendship through radio around the world. The hope is that listeners will be able to […]
    • Radio Romania International: 2017 Listener’s Day October 17, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), who shares the following from Radio Romania International: (Source: Radio Romania International) 2017 Listener’s Day on RRI You are invited to take part in our 2017 edition of Listener’s Day on RRI, a show devoted entirely to you, our listeners Dear friends, Sunday, November 5, 2017, we will be […]
    • Dmitry’s video overview of the S-8800 October 16, 2017
      Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dmitry Elagin, who shares the following: Good afternoon! I became the owner of Tecsun S-8800 recently. I made two videos – unpacking and the overview of the receiver: Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on YouTube. I hope these videos will be useful to you. […]
    • Using A Mixing Console in the Radio Shack October 15, 2017
      As a result of numerous responses to another video I posted on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago, I have now prepared a video that gives you a detailed look at using the Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB mixing console. The unit is wired up to four receivers, then sent off to a pair of powered […]
    • Lunch with a friend (and a hearty side of enabling) October 15, 2017
      A few weeks ago, I had lunch with my good friend, BJ Leiderman.  If you ever listen to public radio programming, especially NPR, you’ve probably heard BJ’s name. BJ is a musician, singer, and composer, and has written the bulk of the theme music you hear on National Public Radio (NPR). His music is hard […]
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    • Project Ndovu October 5, 2017
      African elephants need a lot of water every day for drinking and mud baths . During the dry season, their keen sense of smell allows them to detect water underground in dry riverbeds, where they dig holes with their tusks to reach it. Once the elephants have had their fill, other animals move in to […]
    • S[w]@G: Smart Wicked Aquaponics Garden October 5, 2017
      so I’m building Bostons 1st Kijani Grows 35gallon Wicked Smart aquaponics garden… lets just call it “swag” for short. Swag is definitely getting customized a tad, mostly because it will be both our indoor home garden & transportable demo garden. This means it has to be a bit more rigid to withstand all the vibration […]
    • 1982 April 9, 2017
      Uchi Mata is considered the “Throw of Kings” and made my good friend Chuma Soita invincible in competitive judo. Chuma broke his neck executing this technique in a tournament and became paralyzed immediately. I still remember trying to comfort him when he asked me ‘Am I going to die’ and the feeling of despair, hopelessness […]
    • Jellyfish STEAM Kit QSQ [quick start guide] March 28, 2017
      A quick draft to help assembly …enjoy!      
    • Setting up Time Lapse Photography on a V2 Controller March 17, 2017
      This post will try and cover what is required to setup a time lapse system on a Kijanigrows V2 Control board using a webcam, and an SD card. Let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions about the process. I am very new to coding in Linux and most of […]
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    • Antique organ speaks clues at an escape room October 17, 2017
      When tasked with converting an antique pump organ—sort of a miniature version of a full-sized pipe organ—into part of an escape room puzzle, hacker Alec Smecher decided to turn it into a vocal MIDI device. To accomplish this, he embedded switches in each of the keys, then wired them into an Arduino Leonardo embedded in the 100-year-old […]
    • A Playmobil Wedding Band October 16, 2017
      Two of Boris Werner’s friends, both musicians, were getting married, so for a unique gift he decided on a miniature stage setup with a Playmobil bride and groom as the guitarists. After some research and ordering quite a few parts, he was able to construct a festival-inspired scene, complete with guitars, lights, and some tunes. […]
    • Be among the first to try the Arduino IDE 1.9 Beta October 11, 2017
      Today we’re very excited (and a bit nervous) to announce the new development cycle of the Arduino IDE. As you may have noticed, we’ve been continuously removing functionality from the Java package, and migrating them to a collection of external tools. We began this project by moving the build logic to arduino-builder, which now also […]
    • An Arduino Mouse Wiggler! October 10, 2017
      If, for whatever reason, you need your computer to stay awake without changing its settings, that’s easy—just remember to shake your mouse back and forth intermittently! If remembering to do that over and over seems like too much work, then here’s a simple solution: a device setup to optically wiggle your mouse using an Arduino […]
    • Cutting electronic parts with Arduino-powered scissors October 10, 2017
      When faced with the need to cut thousands of parts from reels in order to make them into kits, “Der Zerhacker” decided to automate the process. For his robotic machine, an Arduino Pro Mini pulls strips of SMD tape into position with a stepper motor, coloring them along the way with a marker. An infrared sensor is used […]