Went to Aberdeen Scotland, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and worked for AMF Tuboscope in Port Gentil, Gabon, West Africa when I was about 17.

Came back to Texas and worked as a roughneck in the Ozona, TX area.

Joined the Navy in San Diego, CA where I served 6 years as a Radioman onboard the USS W. S. Sims FF-1059 and taught myself electronics and teletype repair.

Worked as an electronics technician for Fairbanks Weighing Division in Portland, Maine.

Worked as a hotshot driver and for Halliburton in Odessa, Tx

Worked as an electronics technician, quality assurance engineer and document control in the Midland, TX area doing mil-spec burn-in testing.

Worked as a computer programmer, team lead, systems analyst and project manager until the jobs dried up as they were sent to other countries or non-immigrant guest workers were imported to take our jobs.

Obtained my real estate license in 2006 because of that.

After the crash of 2008, I ended up working as a janitor at a VA hospital where I found that I enjoyed working with veterans and being around veterans.

I’m nearly 61 as of 2 Oct 18 and currently working as a project manager during the day for a software company and I’ve decided it is time to start building my real estate business for my retirement years.

A little food for thought.

Being the newbie for the most part, I have to work harder to work my way up the ladder.

Give me that opportunity please.